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Photography Exhibit at the AGO, Toronto

Just visited the Diane Arbus photography exhibit at the AGO. It’s very interesting to see the work of a photographer from the 1960’s. Her passion was street photography and people. Also, the Illusion of Magic, with Houdini’s actual straight jacket is on display! Teachers can visit for free! https://ago.ca/exhibitions/diane-arbus-photographs-1956-1971

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Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit, Toronto

This experience was amazing! The immersive Van Gogh exhibit is in Toronto until this September. I wouldn’t miss it! Book your tickets, only $34.99 for a basic 1 hour entry during the week. (There are other options for VIP passes etc. but I found the basic ticket was an equivalent special experience). https://vangoghexhibit.ca/ “The world-premiere

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