Jellyfish Exhibit, Ripley’s Aquarium, Toronto

There are actual “Jellyfish programs” available at the Aquarium! Something about these graceful creatures makes them remarkably appealing, like they are dancing!

Planet Jellies

“Ocean explorers sometimes encounter creatures that simply don’t appear to belong on this planet. We continually learn about ocean wildlife, yet extraordinary appearances, outlandish life cycles and bizarre behavior still strike us as “alien”.

Jellies epitomize this “alien” phenomenon. They look like umbrellas, can be bigger than a human, or smaller than a tack and have stinging tentacles. Yet they are poor swimmers and subject to the whims of ocean currents, making them one of the largest type of plankton.

Travel to our Planet Jellies gallery – one of the largest of its kind in the world – and learn more about the four species of jellies, beautifully exhibited in backlit kreisel tanks and colour-changing displays.”